Layers are how we group published content. Instructions fit into Layers, as will updates about new threats, regulations, tools, and best practices. Each newsletter typically focuses on one Layer.

More about Layers in the Glossary.

Currently available Layers

  • Backups: The Backups Layer covers tools and techniques for recovering from data loss and ransomware.
  • Browser: Arguably the single most used app on our devices, browsers need TLC to keep safe.
  • Communication: The Communication Layer deals with safely sending information within your team and with customers or clients.
  • Financial: The Financial Layer looks at financial activities through the lens of risk and operational security.
  • Logins: The Logins Layer deals with how you make sure only people who are authorized can access tools and information.
  • Checklists: Checklists collect process-centric operations that are both useful for productivity and critical to operational security.

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Making the best use of Layers

In our opinion, layers are best achieved one at a time. Our customers are small businesses, who often don't have the dedicated resources to implement every best practice in one go.

So, we have designed our layers to be adoptable in steps. If you follow at least 1 Instruction per month, we expect your business to achieve a Minimum Grade of standards in a year.

After that, you and your team will find it easier to maintain and upgrade gradually over time.

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