The Logins Layer deals with how making sure only people who are authorized can access business tools and information.

⚡️ Switch to a password manager: the easy way

When we start using a password manager, we're

📬 How to use Bitwarden to share passwords securely

Sharing passwords must to be both secure and convenient. When

Long passwords are best practice: easily use and remember long, strong passwords

Password managers are the best tool you can use to

🛠 Authy cheatsheet

Authy is the most convenient tool we've found for helping us use multi-factor authentication.

🛠 Bitwarden cheatsheet

Anyone can use Bitwarden. The password manager is particularly good for helping you remember good passwords and protecting you from password thieves.

⚡️ Quickstart: Use 2FA offline with Authy on mobile

Getting started with 2FA isn't as difficult or time-consuming as it may sound.

📣 Stronger login protection is available on canada.ca-enable it asap

The Government of Canada has introduced strong app-based multi-factor authentication. This is fantastic for our safety.

☕️ Step-by-step: Use multi-factor authentication on canada.ca

Get started with multi-factor authentication on canada.ca My Service Canada Account (MSCA).

📣 CRA hacks happened because people reuse passwords-here's how to stop

Many of us are not only using the same lock and key everywhere, it's a lock and key we bought at the dollar store.

⚡️ Quickstart: Fix your password habit with Bitwarden on desktop

Getting started with Bitwarden as your password manager can be easy.