All the Checklists useful for productivity and critical to information security.

Create a checklist for dealing with data loss

📬 Why the most valuable software updates aren't about new features

Software updates, those of the security flavour, let you get on with your work by making it much less likely that you'll have to deal with information security issues.

👟 Template to go: software update checklist in Notion

Once you have a habit of using software updates, you are protected from many common cyber issues. Make updating software a habit with this Notion checklist template.

📬 Simple record-keeping for small business: easily find stuff every time

Choosing specialized tools may be a premature decision that limits your choices. What small businesses do need is a way to keep basic records organized.

👟 Template to go: simple records for business purchases in Notion

Once you have started keeping an inventory, you will feel more confident about having the files you need just a few taps away, anytime you need them. But how to get started making an inventory for business purchases? Use a template!