The Communication Layer deals with safely sending information within your team and with customers or clients.

📬 Business email costs money: get reliable and safe service with just $3 (or 3€) per month

Pay for your email to get reliable service, customer support, and defend against data breaches. Don't worry, it can still be affordable.

📬 Send files without email easily

Letting files live indefinitely in your email account (and all the accounts you've sent emails to) is like making copies of your entire filing cabinet, and leaving the copies in places where anyone can find them.

☕️ Step-by-step: Receive files easily using Bitwarden Send

Someone sent you a Send? We'll walk you through downloading the file in almost no time.

☕️ Step-by-step: Safely send files and text using Bitwarden Send

We'll walk you through each step of securely sending a file using Bitwarden Send.

🛠 Signal cheatsheet

Anyone can use Signal. The messaging tool is good for safer communication and document transfers with your customers and business collaborators.

📬 Avoid encouraging clients to email their documents-have a safe messaging app ready to receive

Common email isn't considered secure. Encouraging clients (especially one-off clients) to use email when transferring sensitive information creates significant avoidable risk. This information could be very damaging if the system handling them lost control.

☕️ Step-by-step: Set up Signal on desktop

We walk through setting up Signal messenger on desktop.

⚡️ Quickstart: Send work messages safely using Signal on mobile

Quickstart guide for Signal messenger on mobile.