📬 How to use Bitwarden to share passwords securely

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Sharing passwords must to be both secure and convenient. When sharing is difficult, people take shortcuts. Shortcuts are typically not safe for businesses, who handle client and vendor information, in addition to their own.

A typical business handles the information of their customers and vendors-information that can include physical addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, banking information, and other pieces necessary for those businesses to do transact.

Bitwarden lets us share passwords in two ways.

Use the Send feature for infrequent sharing via email

Putting a password directly in an email means letting that password live indefinitely in your and your recipients' email accounts.

But, email is the most convenient communication tool for infrequent collaboration with freelancers or contractors.

Instead, use email with Bitwarden Send. Here's how you could send a password by email using Send:

  1. Create a Send in Bitwarden that includes the password to be shared.
  2. Copy the link to that Send and share the link via email.
  3. The Send link expires after some time. After the link expires, that password cannot be seen anymore. Or you could just delete the Send from your Bitwarden app at any time.
☕️ Step-by-step: Safely send files and text using Bitwarden Send
We’ll walk you through each step of securely sending a file using Bitwarden Send.

Create an Organization for ongoing sharing

An Organization is a Bitwarden product-specific word for a private group of Bitwarden users who can share passwords.
  1. Login to the Bitwarden web app (glossary). Organizations can't be created in the mobile apps.
  2. Get the email addresses used by the rest of your team. These email addresses must be the same ones used for their Bitwarden accounts.
  3. Set up your own Organization. Bitwarden's Free tier allows Organizations upto 2 users. Use this guide to set up a free 2-person Organization.
Don't use Bitwarden yet? Have a look at the Bitwarden cheatsheet or use this quickstart to get an account and set up an app.



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