⚡️ Quickstart: Send work messages safely using Signal on mobile

⚡️ Quickstart: Send work messages safely using Signal on mobile
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To successfully complete this Instruction, you'll need:

  • A phone, which uses iOS (by Apple) or a phone using Android (such as the Pixel phones sold by Google).
  • A phone number, to receive a text (SMS) message or phone call.
  • Access to Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store.
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By the end of this Instruction, you will:

  • Have successfully set up Signal on a phone
  • Be sending and receiving messages and files safely.
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Helpful words

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Let's get started

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A. Get Signal on to your phone

Get the Signal client on your phone by installing the app. You'll use the Signal app to access Signal services.

Visit https://signal.org/install using a browser on your phone. The browser will take you to:

  • Apple's App Store, if you're using an iPhone
  • Google's Play Store, if you're using an Android phone
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B. Connect Signal with your phone number