Cheatsheets are a convenient source of summarized information for tools and techniques we use-the most important information and links all on one page.

🛠 Google Workspace cheatsheet

Tips, links, and resources: for Google Workspace.

🛠 Cryptomator cheatsheet

Tips, links, and resources: Cryptomator makes cloud storage safer for you.

🛠 DuckDuckGo cheatsheet

Tips, links, and resources for Duck.

🛠 AnonAddy cheatsheet

Free, Open-source Anonymous Email Forwarding | AnonAddyCreate unlimited aliases for free.

🛠 Tutanota cheatsheet

Secure email: Tutanota free encrypted email.Tutanota is the secure

🛠 CIBC cheatsheet

How to use CIBC's (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) service offering of a unique credit alert feature.

🛠 Authy cheatsheet

Authy is the most convenient tool we've found for helping us use multi-factor authentication.

🛠 Bitwarden cheatsheet

Anyone can use Bitwarden. The password manager is particularly good for helping you remember good passwords and protecting you from password thieves.

🛠 Signal cheatsheet

Anyone can use Signal. The messaging tool is good for safer communication and document transfers with your customers and business collaborators.

📬 All about Cheatsheets

Cheatsheets are resources containing the most important information (and links) to help you find solutions in less time.