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We choose products based on it's long-term usefulness and reliability. Switching tools is time-consuming and often costly. An individual or business switches only with strong reasons.

We particularly watch for incentives for a provider to weaken its own policies or more subtly violate the trust of their customers and users. Even so, a future switch may one day be necessary. So we consider data portability as well.

Everyone needs a starting point

As an example, take the common task of getting help for a tool. When looking for support, these are questions which I often consider:

  • Through what channels is help available? Email, chat, phone, web form, forums are common options. Sometimes the channels are unofficial and difficult to find if you're new to the space. Thriving unofficial communities of users often give each other tips and help.
  • Which source is best for my problem? One may have faster responses, but another may have better answers. Sometimes the problem needs to be written down so that those who are able to give help can have time to think about it.
  • Which source is best for what I need right now? Our preferences can vary too. Email could save a lot of time waiting on hold, in-app messaging may be safer for sensitive content, and a problem which has already been discussed in a forum may already have a solution.
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What's in a Cheatsheet

A Cheatsheet helps you get started on resolving the reason you're looking up that tool. The Cheatsheet has a minimum information; each piece of information is meant to set you on the right path-either by giving you links, sharing experience, or highlighting the vocabulary to ask the right questions.

These are the sections you'll find:

  • How the tool performs against our criteria: our criteria are minimum standards to meet modern workplace needs,
  • Extra ways we get value from the tool: you may know these as hidden features that aren't marketed, but you love them when you discover they exist,
  • Steps on how to get support for the tool: so subscribers know at a glance, how they can find help or troubleshoot,
  • Relevant resources on majorcord.com
And, of course, sources where applicable.

Next steps

So, now that you know what's in a Cheatsheet, take a look at the current list of available Cheatsheets!

Cheatsheets - Majorcord | safer business
Cheatsheets are a convenient source of summarized information for tools and techniques we use-the most important information and links all on one page.


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