📬 iCloud Advanced Data Protection: how to use it

Screenshot of start of flow to enable iCloud Advanced Data Protection feature.

Apple has rolled out end-to-end encryption (glossary) for all its customers. They're calling it "client-side encryption", but regardless of naming, this feature is an excellent improvement to iCloud data privacy. Advanced Data Protection protects you in case of a data breach in iCloud, and is a positive step in improving business use of iCloud.

Switching it on

Screenshot of end of enable flow.
Take sensible precautions for losing your login credentials, before using Advanced Data Protection.

You only need to turn on Advanced Data Protection on any one Apple device signed into an iCloud account. Once active, all devices benefit. You'll find the same Protection options available on your Mac running MacOS Ventura 13.2 or newer and iPad running iPadOS 16.3 or newer.

Here's how to switch on end-to-end encryption for most Apple services on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

  1. Go to Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud, to start the flow to activate Advanced Data Protection.
  2. On iOS or iPadOS, enter the device passcode. On MacOS, you'll need your device password.
  3. You'll get a notification to the email address attached to your Apple ID/iCloud account, letting you know the feature has been turned on.

Switching it off

Screenshot of start of disable flow.

You can turn off Advanced Data Protection from any of those Apple devices connected to your iCloud account.

To turn off Advanced Data Protection from MacOS, you'll need:

  • access to a MacOS device connected to your iCloud,
  • password to iCloud/Apple ID,
  • password to your MacOS device


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