📣 Get help easily: use CC for Support

📣 Get help easily: use CC for Support

You may be familiar with the task of contacting software or hardware Support for your tools. The experience can vary, with some agents being patiently explaining all necessary details, and others assuming a level of comfort you may not have.

We're here to help! After clients started forwarding us email threads, for assistance deciphering troubleshooting extensions, we created an easier way for them to do so.

Now you can CC a Majorcord email address when you contact support for your product. And we'll be in the loop to help clear up things for you if you need it.

We've been testing this out for a few weeks and have found it ready for wider use. Give CC for Support a try next time you need help.

How to find

In the main navigation up top of all pages, tap on Support. The Support page will have CC for Support listed as one of several options you can use to get help from Majorcord.

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