💫 Roundup: WFH long-term, browser extensions that protect us, and sharing workplace passwords the wrong way

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☕️ Yes, WFH is sustainable

Long-term is not about time. Well, it is-but time isn't the main idea. See, in the short-term, relatively few things happen. The effects are also short-lived. The long-term is an entirely different beast.

In the long-term, anything can happen. The results will be felt for the foreseeable future. You have a kid or two, you move yourself to another country, another country moves into your country-everything can change in the long-term.

We speak with someone who found themselves working-from-home, then kept at it for 7 years and counting, through all the changes that happen in the long-term.
💡 Remote working since 2015 and still going strong
Galina Skovorodnikova speaks with us about her experience remote working from home, collaborating from the midst of her family, and plans for the future.

⚡️ Browser extensions that protect us

The browser has become one of our most used tools. With banking, shipping, and most business services available through web apps (glossary), the browser's flexibility is a win for your business.

Fix the security of just this one tool, your browser, and you've made real progress on a path to protecting yourself and your customers. Where exactly could you start? One place is with better browser extensions (glossary).

📬 These 7 trustworthy browser extensions jumpstart our security and privacy
Browser extensions can make your internet experience faster and safer, if done right. Get, and you’re set.

🔐 We've all been sharing passwords wrong

Is there a right way to share passwords? Netflix says-no. On the other hand, your modern workplace sometimes does need to share passwords. And there are safe and easy ways to do it. Email, text messages, and spreadsheets may be easy, but they don't tick the box for secure.

That doesn't mean you'll be reduced to scribbling passwords on a Post-It to give your colleague (also unsafe, and unfeasible when WFH). A well-designed password manager (glossary) has features that allow you to share passwords securely and conveniently. The password manager we like includes sharing features even on the free tier.

And when a team member no longer needs that password, there's no need to rush around changing passwords on every service they used. Just unshare the password.
📬 How to use Bitwarden to share passwords securely
Sharing passwords must to be secure and easy. When sharing is difficult, people take shortcuts. Unsafe shortcuts are bad for business.

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