Step-by-Step instructions are more descriptive and visual. They need less initial familiarity with tools or concepts.

📬 Protect files on external storage, like portable SSDs and hard drives, using Veracrypt

☕️ Step-by-step: how to export your emails from Gmail

Create an exported copy of your emails, and download them to your computer.

☕️ Step-by-step: Receive files easily using Bitwarden Send

Someone sent you a Send? We'll walk you through downloading the file in almost no time.

☕️ Step-by-step: Safely send files and text using Bitwarden Send

We'll walk you through each step of securely sending a file using Bitwarden Send.

☕️ Step-by-step: Use multi-factor authentication on

Get started with multi-factor authentication on My Service Canada Account (MSCA).

☕️ Step-by-step: Set up Signal on desktop

We walk through setting up Signal messenger on desktop.