📬 Introducing Knowledge Quizzes

📬 Introducing Knowledge Quizzes

People with an opinion about tests generally fall into one of two categories-those who enjoy tests (how else would we have definitive proof that we are indeed the smartiest pants in the room) and those of us who can't stand the idea of competing for brownie points.

Majorcord falls into a third camp: we know that quizzes are a fast and easy way to reinforce the knowledge and skills we spend valuable time learning.

Too curious to wait? Have a try at our first quiz for the Communications Layer.

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Quizzes help us learn better and faster. They're often more fun too.

We're delivering quizzes as part of our goal to help you learn, and do it in less time.

Onboarding in a new company for me often included short courses. These courses are mandated to help new employees use common tools (like the HR portal) or help the company manage risk.

One course type is designed to manage the level of cyber risk. In the first version of that course which I ever took, I learned that .TXT files are the only type of file that are ever considered truly safe. That course was full of multiple-choice tests which helped me learn faster. And doing quizzes are, to me, a welcome variety to what could easily become a dull chore!

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I enjoy doing quizzes to get a better idea of where I am in my skills-upgrade journey. The results make me feel optimistic about my efforts and improves how confident I am in my new knowledge.

Sometimes I take quizzes near the beginning of learning about a topic. Then I mentally compare my quiz results with newer results from quizzes taken at intervals through my process of learning. Thankfully, quizzes rarely take much time to do.

Doing a multiple-choice quiz right after learning something new is, for people like me, one quick and easy way to reinforce the knowledge we have just spent time learning.

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Available to everyone

The Majorcord Quizzes are meant for learning and practice.

Unlike certification or training courses which are expensive to take and similarly costly to maintain (without an employer footing the bill), Majorcord Quizzes are much cheaper. They are free. You are welcome to use the Quizzes as often as you like.

Quizzes are available for all subscribers and non-subscribers. You will not need to sign up to take them and see your score.

Our plans for Majorcord's Knowledge Quizzes

We will be making Quizzes which cover all our Layers!

All Quizzes will continue to be updated along with Instructions, Product Profiles, and other resources which need to stay current to maintain their relevance, together with the evolution of technology and working practices.

When paid subscriptions launch in 2021, anyone with a paid subscription can request that assessments be emailed to themselves for self-evaluation. Or direct to potential employers, from us on their behalf. Those assessments will be based on Quiz scores. Taking the Quizzes and seeing scores will continue to be available to everyone.

Check our currently available Knowledge Quizzes here.


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