This service is for businesses and individuals who request hands-on assistance setting up their devices for safer operation, following a separately completed Basic Safety Check.

Service and charges

Guided setup and training Charges¹
Package base $325²
Guided setup and training covering priority recommendations included
Business tier support for 12 months included
Verified MAP for 12 months on included
Optional add-ons
Additional setup (currently unavailable) $90 per hour
Priority delivery (currently unavailable) $195

¹Invoiced charges are denominated in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and is due upfront through e-transfer or credit card. Charges can be invoiced in Euro (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) on request.

²Note that the listed price is current as of now, but may be adjusted at any time. Education Partner discounts are applied to this price.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long is a Guided setup call?

For a relaxed experience and to avoid information overload, a Guided setup call is 1 hour at its longest. At the end of the call, we assess the progress together, and schedule another call if necessary. More than one call is typically necessary.

Q: How are calls scheduled?

Each call is at least 7 calendar days from the previous, to avoid information overload and give you time to acclimatize to any new behaviours.

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