Your clients should do their part to prevent their own data from leaking. You can use Client Safety Checks to verify and encourage your clients to use modern login practices and updated tools, when making use of your services and products.

You can then be assured that, while you protect the client's data on your side, the client doesn't inadvertently leak data themselves and incorrectly attribute the source to your business.


The Safety Check is completed using a short questionnaire based on Canadian public standards.

  1. You send your client a link to the Safety Check.
  2. The client receives a code when submitting a response to the Safety Check. The client does not submit any personal information when doing the Check.
  3. The client sends this code to you, which you use to request a copy of their submission from Majorcord. Majorcord has no way to identify your client and, using the code, only you can connect your client to their response to the Check.

What is checked

  • Login practices, only for those related related to accessing your products and services (section 3.5, source: 1).
For example, you are a therapist and you give your client access to a tool that lets you and them login to have conversations. The Safety Check encourages your client to use modern practices to protect their login credentials, reducing the risk of exposing your conversations to unauthorized persons.
  • Update and upgrade practices for software and hardware used to access your services (section 3.2, source: 1)
As an example, you are a accountant and you give your client access to a browser app (glossary: app) that lets them login to send you receipts, invoices, and other financial information. The Safety Check encourages your client to use modern practices to protect their device and their browser from being used to intercept that information.

Service and charges

Client Safety Checks Charges¹
Issue valid Safety Checks to clients for 12 months, upto 25 Checks $480²
Submitted Safety Checks forwarded to requester on-demand included
Business tier support for 12 months (available separately for $9/month) included
Optional add-ons
Archive of past Safety Checks (currently unavailable) on request
Safety Checks forwarded to submitting client (currently unavailable) on request

¹Invoiced charges are denominated in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and is due upfront through e-transfer or credit card. Charges can be invoiced in Euro (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) on request.

²Note that the current price is introductory, and may be adjusted upwards at any time in future. Education Partner discounts are applied to this price.




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