About the Safety Check

You, as the business, are delivered a three-category report with recommendations informed by an audit to improve your digital security posture. You will receive the report in PDF which you can view on your desktop or annotate using a tablet.

The report uses your current day-to-day practices as baseline. This package is best used by individuals or entrepreneurs who seek foundational guidance for improving resilience to business risk rooted modern digital tools and cyber threats.

The audit covers authentication, backups, and incident plans at a basic level. You will receive an assessment of your current practices. You will also receive actionable tips, rooted in behavioural change strategies, for changes to improve security and resilience. These tips can mostly be implemented at an individual level.

You can use this report to prevent financial and reputation loss by raising the bar for security behaviours in your organization.

We perform the Safety Check using information collected from you, the business, through an interview. The default interview method, included in the base price, is a questionnaire. An add-on to the project lets clients substitute with a 30-minute call where the interview is done in real-time.

Features and charges

Basic IT Audit and Report Charges¹ Delivery
Package base $189 ² 10 days *
Findings summary included
Assessment summary included
Recommendations included
Guides included
Annotable PDF included
Optional add-ons
Real-time data collection interview $90 add 7 days
Real-time data collection interview (a11y) $1 add 7 days
Priority delivery (currently unavailable) $195 subtract 7 days
Guided setup variable variable

*Delivery time starts once the client submits the required questionnaire/interview.

¹Invoiced charges are denominated in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and is payable through e-transfer or credit card within 5 business days of report delivery. Charges can be invoiced in Euro (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) on request.

²Note that the current price is introductory, and may be adjusted upwards at any time in future. Education Partner discounts are applied to this price.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why a questionnaire?

You, as the client, can take the time to think and answer. Often, real-time interviews don't surface the depth of information necessary for a thorough security audit.

Q: How long would it take me to complete the interview using the questionnaire?

We find that the required questionnaire can be thoroughly completed in 20 to 25 minutes on average. The optional questionnaire (highly recommended as it allows us to make additional recommendations, at no additional charge to you) can take about 15 mins.

Q: Why still offer a real-time interview option?

You may strongly prefer to communicate in real-time. Certain clients do.
In limited cases, your a11y tools may not be compatible with the questionnaire. Send me a screenshot of your tools failing to work with the questionnaire. Your pricing will adjusted to the a11y tier.

Q: Why does a real-time interview take an extra 7 days to deliver?

Real-time interviews require additional time to allow for us to schedule, and extra time on my part to make accurate notes of your responses and verify that information with you.

Q: Is it enough that I complete the questionnaire, or do all my employees also need to do it?

It depends. In most cases with small businesses, it's enough that the owner completes the questionnaire as they tend to set practices business-wide. However, what do your employees have access to? Do you provide devices for them or do they use their own? Describe the situation in the request package form and we can sort it out.
Note that contractors aren't obligated to follow your business practices, as they aren't employees. You could request that they do an audit of their own accord, especially if your contractors handle information you would prefer not become public. If you are an Education Partner (you have done one of our workshops), then you can allow your contractors to use your discounted rate. Contact us to arrange this.
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